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Vacuum Pouch

Rajhoney provides the widest range of Best quality vacuum pouches in India. These Pouches are available in various sizes, and have great strength, high Clarity, & also provide additional protection against oxygen & Moisture. our vacuum seal bags are widely used by commercial food processors to minimize oxygen exposure, by extending shelf life and improving overall product Quality. Vacuums pouches also are used to package medical supplies, and also prevent Corrosion of electronic parts and metal Components.

Excellent features and Benefits:

  • Our Vacuum pack gives Extended Shelf life to product.
  •  Protective gas keeps the product fresh.
  • It has Extremely High Gas and Moisture Barrier properties.
  • It also Possesses Very good hot tack, and transparency.
  • It also Provide Very Good Resistance to Puncture and tearing.
  • Our Vacuum Pouches are manufactured by handpicked suppliers for superior sealing Performance, chamber-style vacuum machines. They are not suitable for external-sealing vacuum machines designed for home use.

    The main purpose of vacuuming is to preserve the quality of product as good and no ensure the taste, flavor, color and nutrition value are not lost.

    Packing Mode: We provide Packing as per customer Requirement such as with Brand name and logo on packing material, Corrugated small & big Boxes, Flexi pouches etc.

    Why We Need Vacuum Pouches?
    Vacuum pouches provide an extended shelf life for our products without affecting their quality. Vacuum pouches provide an effective way to prevent spoilage of food. In addition to food preventation, It also very useful for packing of non-food products like as medical devices, metal Components, Chemical products etc. Vacuum Pouches are also useful for packing of technical parts of Computer, Clothes and many products.

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