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Top Lidding Film

Rajhoney Flexipack Pvt.Ltd. has Provide a wide range of top – Seal lidding films available which have been used successfully in market. Our Film products consist of Best quality dual-ovenable PET film to normal PP film and to special film – such as self venting film, High – Barrier restorable film. Our lidding film has Best Properties like easy peel and anti-fog. These high barrier films are ideally suited as long as lidding films on ready-made trays, as well as top webs on all thermoform-fill-seal lines.

It is ideal for food and non - food Products like cheese , dairy Product, meat, poultry, & marine Products, fruits, dry fruits, bakery products and healthcare products,  medical devise and many more.

Advance Features and Benefits:

  • These films have high puncture resistance, hot tack and best sealing property.
  • These films provide Extended Product shelf life and preventing freezer burn.
  • Wide range of oxygen transmission rates, for an increased shelf life.
  • These films possess high barrier properties against gas and moisture.
  • These are available in varied thickness as well as thin film options.
  • The Lidding films have quick sealing properties for faster machine speeds and higher output.
  • These are best suitable for Top web, VFFS, HFFs and TFFS machines.
  • Dual-Ovenable Lidding films : These films are ideally suited all dual-ovenable applications, this film is best for packaging of your frozen foods, prepared meals, or any material that needs to be heated in an oven or microwave. The wonderful attributes of this film are Excellent clarity , customized peelability, and superb heat resistance.

    Speciality lidding films: Golden Eagle’s specialty lidding films are ideally suited for virtually all types of trays and cups. These films are available in clear, White, metalized and in retortable form.

    lidding film High – Barrier: These are designed for products you need to keep safe from harmful bacteria and oxygen to improve shelf life of product. These Series of film can be matched with different substrate types including CPET, APET, PE, and PVC.

    Breathable Lidding Films: These are Ideally suited to extend the shelf – life of your freshcut produce, by properly controlling the release of co2  and the entry of O2 into package.

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