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Lamination Film

We are a leading manufacturer and of a quality range of lamination films that is used across various Industries. Our range of lamination films comprises of pet and poly packaging films, polyester coated paper, and others. These multi- layered, corona-treated films are also designed for lamination using any type of adhesive. Lamination films use a combination of heat and pressure to lamination paperboard and film used in the process is pre – coated on the base film through extrusion coating.

Depending on the type of base film used in the coating process, lamination films are categorized as follows:

  • Bopp thermal lamination films: BOPP thermal laminating films are lamination films having BOPP has base material.  These laminating films are more economical over with excellent clarity and brightness. It is best or ideal for write-on/wipe-off applications. Our lines of BOPP thermal laminates are available in a variety of widths, thickness and finishes.
  • Applications of BOPP thermal laminating films: These films are useful for making textbook covers, Brochures, Leaflets, sweet boxes, cosmetics, shopping bags, Diaries etc. These films have reasonable strength for lamination purpose.
  • Polyester Gloss laminating films: It is a general purpose laminating film with good clarity and gloss. We know that Polyester is an extremely durable product that features excellent scuff and scratch resistance. It is mainly used for dust jackets, book covers, presentation folders, etc. but they have not a good choice for any application where curve are needed.
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